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The world is pet-friendly

One or more dogs live in 1 of every 4 Spanish households. Organizing activities with more pets will help you gain relevance in front of your competitors. In addition, the pet market is booming, and currently experiencing strong growth.

What are dog activities?

At Groupet we are committed to sharing and enjoying memorable moments with our dogs. Therefore, activities are offered that are totally designed for both humans and dogs to enjoy the experience. Organized by dog lovers, unlike pet-friendly activities where dogs are accommodated but designed for humans.

Create the activity you want

Kayak, Paddle Surf, Coastering, Trekking, Mountaineering, Socialization routes, Canine sports, Canyoning, Escape rooms ... Organize activities so that humans can enjoy the experience with their dogs!

No initial investment

Starting to organize experiences with Groupet does not require any initial investment, registering is completely free. Once registered as an organizer, you will have access to tools to manage your business.

Do what you enjoy the most (and earn money with it)

With Groupet you can turn your passion into income. We take care that your business has visibility and users find you easily. In addition, Groupet is in charge of processing payments and mediating with clients.

Why become an organizer?

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Three steps to become an organizer

  1. 1

    Register as organizer

    You will have access to your control panel, where you can publish activities and define the identity of your brand. In addition, you will have your own page where you can display your calendar, your information and all your activities.

  2. 2

    Choose how you want to offer the experience

    Organize yourself in the way that suits you best. Set the date, prices, and requirements for the attendants. Through Groupet they can find your experience and sign up.

  3. 3

    Publish your activity in Groupet

    You can adapt an activity to be pet-friendly or design activities for families with pets. For example: tourist routes accompanied by dogs, an adventure camp with a pet or a socialization class for puppies.

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