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The world is evolving towards a society where dogs are more socially accepted. More and more tourist establishments (hotels, apartments, rural houses …) and shops that admit animals.

At this moment, it is estimated that 40% of Spanish households have a pet (the last census in Spain recorded 5,147,980 dogs). In the ranking of countries by turnover, Spain is in fifth place, after Germany, France, United Kingdom and Italy, according to the Spanish Association of Distributors of Products for Companion Animals (AEDPAC).

The role of the dog at home is changing from being a companion animal to being considered one of the family. In Spain, almost 7 million people travel at least once a year with their dog and 93% do so because they consider it part of the family.

Almost 80% of people who plan a trip with a dog use the internet as their first option. Of that percentage, 70% consult websites specialized in dog-friendly resources.

Consumers want to entertain their pets and establish a satisfying interaction with them, especially if they want to make up for their absence during the day while at work. In addition, an increase in the amount of money that Spanish households spend on their pets is contemplated. Only in Spain, it is estimated that there is an opportunity of 10 million euros in the tourism sector with dogs.

The current panorama offers a good business opportunity in the tourism sector for dog families, a sector that is currently not very crowded. Specifically, the leisure offer beyond hiking and dog hotels is still very limited.

Groupet wants to satisfy the need of dog families who seek to enjoy unique experiences, offering packages of experiences and activities specially designed and fully organized to enjoy with pets.

The range of experiences that can be found range from travel, educational activities to sports experiences. In addition, through its powerful search engine they will be able to find the experience that best suits the needs of the pet and the family.

If you are a person who likes animals and you want to take advantage of this opportunity, organize experiences through Groupet and you will get your own page where you can manage your Groupet business. We willl take care of the rest.

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