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How to adapt your business or establishment to be pet-friendly

More business managers and founders are petlovers, to the point that they would love their best furry friends could also visit them while they work. And more and more people with pets love to enjoy their moments of leisure, or even when they have to run the odd errand, also accompanied by their faithful companions. As it happens with the workers of all types of companies, who has not thought at some point “I wish my pet could accompany me to work”?

The result of these situations? An imminent conversion of all kinds of businesses and establishments to adapt them to the needs of pets, mainly dogs, since they are the ones who usually accompany us in our daily lives away from home, thus appearing more and more pet-friendly places.

Do you also want to get into the list of pet-friendly businesses and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, here is all the information and tips to keep in mind to achieve it.

Situations that will make you consider whether to make your establishment pet-friendly

Before taking the initiative of whether you want and should adapt your business so that all kinds of pets come, you should consider a series of situations that will help you make your decision. The main ones are:

  • Of course, if, as mentioned above, you are a business owner and a great petlovers. It is something obvious, since in case of carrying out this conversion, very soon your business will be full of pets and you must take into account everything that this entails.
  • If customers who come with their pets usually come to your business or if, on more than one occasion, they have asked you if this is possible.
  • If one of the most recurring requests among your workers has been to be able to have a space in the business so that their pets could accompany them during their workday.
  • If you have a terrace, a garden or similar spaces, since they are ideal especially for dogs.
  • If you have a veterinary clinic near your location, since, therefore, many people with dogs will pass by.
  • If you are located in a residential area or with parks nearby, for the same reason as in the previous case.

Aspects to take into account when turning a business into pet-friendly

Now, after taking into account all the previously mentioned factors, you finally make the decision to adapt your business and turn it into a pet-friendly space. And now that? Well, you must take into account a series of essential tips to ensure that this adaptation is carried out correctly and that both you, your employees, customers and, of course, the pets that come, are totally comfortable in all time.

In this sense, the main aspects to take into account are:

  • Respect for the opinions of all those involved: it is true that, as mentioned in the previous section, one of the main premises to take into account to convert a business into a pet-friendly one is, without a doubt, petlovers . But we cannot forget the opinions of the rest of the people who work in the business, since they will also have direct contact with both the pet and their owners. In addition, you have to be open to criticism that may be received and know how to respond to it, always with the appropriate respect.
  • Hire the right professionals to carry out the change: in certain cases, converting to a pet-friendly business may entail a transformation of certain elements of the premises, both structurally and in terms of furniture. In order for the result to be adequate, it is essential to hire those professionals who are capable of undertaking such work within the estimated period.
  • Establish a series of rules to follow: as in any other type of business, it is essential to lay the foundations for the new services, set the pertinent limits and set rules to be followed, both by employees, customers and their colleagues. furry.
  • Take into account the necessary budget and be clear that said expense can be assumed: and in relation to the reform mentioned above, it is essential to know that this represents an economic investment, which must be calculated in advance and be clear, before starting any work, that it will be possible to assume all the associated costs.
  • Create awareness among all the parties involved: as previously mentioned with the regulations, it is also necessary to ensure that all those involved in the business are aware of what said change implies, both at a structural and service level.
  • Bear in mind that cleaning has to be a key task in the premises: all of us who have a furry friend at home know that having a pet implies having to carry out cleaning services more regularly and more thoroughly. The same happens in this type of business, so that everyone who comes to it, both customers and workers, is comfortable at all times.
  • Being aware of the new services that are being offered: being clear about what these new services are and being able to offer them perfectly is key in a per-friendly business. For this, if necessary, the relevant training must be carried out for all workers.

Services that can be included in a pet-friendly business

No matter what you do, or what you offer at your store, there is always the possibility of including a series of services for our furry friends, in order to offer a complete pet-friendly experience. Among the wide range of services available for our pets we can highlight the following:

  • If you run a restaurant or cafeteria, a great idea is to offer a special menu for dogs, which includes those foods that, in line with the offer of your establishment, can be consumed by our best friends.
  • In the case of an office, the best option is to have a daycare dog service that let the pets play, get mentally and physically tired, in addition to their pee-poop routines, while your employees can be calm and relaxed working knowing that they are in good hands. Until they return from their day of activity back with their dog parents.
  • Continuing along the lines mentioned above, it is also advisable, in the case of offices where workers can go with their dogs, to have a person who can be in charge of walking them when it’s necessary.
  • Whatever the type of business, if you want it to be considered within the pet-friendly category, you should always have drinking fountains with fresh water.
  • Another great idea is to have beds and blankets for dogs of different sizes, especially in those types of businesses where you usually spend a lot of time, such as hairdressers, for example.
  • Depending on the type of business, it may also be advisable to offer a veterinary service close to the business, as may be the case, for example, in hotels, hostels, offices or similar, so that they can offer an instant solution during the stay pets in it, if necessary.

Team building activities for petfriendly business

It is also a good idea, as is already done at Groupet, to carry out team building activities with pets for petfriendly business, since it is possible not only to strengthen relationships between workers, but also to a great emotional benefit for them.

Now that you know all the secrets to making your business pet-friendly, do you dare to embark on this adventure and welcome our furry friends in your store?

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