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Everything you need to know about sunglasses for dogs

There are certain occasions we usually need the use of sunglasses. A sunny spring day, when there is a lot of wind in a sandy area, if you suffer from ocular hypersensitivity, and even in the snow. But, have you ever considered that the same thing happens to dogs? As you read, our canine friends are also sensitive, at times, to light and other external agents, which is why they may require the use of this supplement.

Next, we will carry out a breakdown of all the possible activities in which they may be needed. Do not worry, whether you are an expert doing different activities, or if you want to start, it is possible that you haven’t thought about these aspects, since our dogs do not speak, although they do communicate!

Introduction to sunglasses for dogs

When we think of a dog wearing sunglasses, the first thing that comes to mind may be an American movie featuring a US Army dog ​​wearing a muzzle and glasses, parachuting or in a war situation. All very Hollywood. Or, on the contrary, images of dressed dogs posturing on social networks.
Now, we will explain that it is much more than that, it is a very necessary complement if you want to do all kinds of activities with your dog and if, in addition, you want your furry friend to enjoy one hundred percent of all these situations.
Do not worry, we will inform you of the places where you might need them, what these glasses are like and, of course, how to put them on.

In what situations does my dog ​​need sunglasses?

Eye problems

Certain eye problems, always diagnosed by a vet, require the use of sunglasses by our furry companions.
Some symptoms associated with this type of ailment may be increased tearing, a lot of rheum, getting nervous in the sun, looking for shade and not wanting to move, among others.
If you notice that your dog suffers from one or several of these symptoms, you should take it to the vet to communicate all the details and do a check-up and that this professional is the one who evaluates if it has eye problems and if any type of treatment is necessary, sunglasses sun or any other prescription.

Snow activities with dog

Just as it is most annoying for us to be in the snow on a sunny day without sunglasses, it is also for our best friends. In addition, it is not only a matter of comfort, but also of health, since this supplement helps prevent sunburn in the eyes, hence the great importance of its use.

Beach activities with dog

If you are lucky enough to live in a coastal area and walk with your dog near the beach or if you go with him to visit some dunes in the desert (although this plan is only recommended in winter), it may seem insignificant, but if you It raises wind, it can be very annoying for your pet, just like it is for us.
Once again, sunglasses are the best option to deal with this type of situation.

Windy areas with dog

As mentioned in the previous section, the wind can suddenly cause great discomfort. A great example of this type of situation is when a military dog ​​is faced with high speed air gusts when parachuting while in combat.
We know that this is not a common situation for the rest of the dogs that are not dedicated to these tasks, but these can also be found in similar situations, as far as the wind is concerned, such as:

  • Scooter, boogie or bicycle with dogs: if you are lucky enough to be able to get around on a scooter or boogie with your dog, whether it is in a suitable backpack or with its correct fastening, you will need to wear glasses so that it is not uncomfortable during the journey, otherwise it could lead to making the vehicle negative, even hating it.

How are sunglasses for dogs?

Our recommendation is that you choose a model of sunglasses with a ventilation grill, since, on the contrary, condensation will form on the glass, making it difficult to see, which can make you nervous.
Another option is to clean the glasses with anti-fog liquid.
Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the straps must be adjustable and check, at all times, that they are neither too tight nor too loose, so that our friend is completely comfortable.

How to put on dog sunglasses

Canine Sunglasses Positivization

It is a new type of product, both for you and for your dog, so we advise you to start practicing and getting comfortable with the glasses first, putting them on a stuffed animal, a cushion, or even yourself! (If possible!). This will help prevent you from being tempted to put your dog up as a guinea pig and practice with him, as it will

We advise that, from the first moment, it is important to positivize properly and without haste, so that you do not become afraid of this complement.

It should be noted that the placement of sunglasses is very similar to that of a muzzle, both because of the progressive adaptation they require, and because of the very way of placing it, which requires holding the nose and the back of the head. , exactly the same.

There are many models and shapes, you will find that the vast majority have a strap that must be passed under the nose to hold it, so you will have to teach your dog, as with muzzles, to insert the snout to be able to pass the tape underneath and, later, be able to adapt the tape that will go through the back of the head.

Your dog’s acclimatization to this element can take a while. In addition, while wearing the glasses, it must be a party, so we recommend that, initially, they be used for very short periods of time and gradually add more time for adaptation.

Do not miss our final advice

Remember to clean the sunglasses! It may seem like a super obvious thing, but depending on the dog and coat, the glasses can quickly fill with hair, which can make it difficult to see.
Also, although the glasses may have ventilation holes, our recommendation is to always clean the lenses with anti-fog liquid.

And here everything you need to know about the use of canine sunglasses. Did you know this type of accessory for our furry friends? What do you think?

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